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America’s Got Talent [AGT] Golden Buzzer Winner Makes Show History Without Any Audience

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Did you love to watch AGT? If yes so this is great news for you all that this show makes an unforgettable history. The AGT show loves it’s a great fall dance, crew, great magicians, and kids doing an exceptionally amazing job on this show. We are glad to tell you that in the 15th seasons it shows getting the higher golden buzzer for first episodes with fewer audiences. So for more facts scroll-up here and tell you how you like it this article in a comment section.


The show artist, who’s the first spoken word, Brandon Leake took the stage on America’s Got Talent to address their fans. Without thinking about the judges, audiences, and fear on stage, he performed a very emotional poem which he wrote in memory of his sister, we can say it can be horror poem for him, who died when he was so young. Surely, it was a great and big move for the platform of AGT to show no doubt.

Golden Buzzer: Brandon Leake Makes AGT History With Powerful ...

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After hearing the poem of Leake, Simon Cowell seemed skeptical of the act, and AGT’s most critical judge may understand how it’s difficult for Brandon to telling about that face of his life through a horror poem and Simon understand the value of his feelings. Therefore, means of the golden buzzer for Howie Mandel that Brandon has a fast track to the live shows and we can say that he’s a strong contender to go far in Season 15 and there’s no doubt in that.

Lack of audience but uplifted performance!!

Yes, we agree that AGT wasn’t the type of show of aerosaltant and perpetrator, but this act is was something enrapture about the essential performance when compared to all noise and flash types of acts. However, it can be said that AGT’s 15-season with deficit audience deficit is actually high performance. America’s Got Talent airs on NBC this Friday, go and watch it and tell us what you think Brandon is next winner of the 15 seasons? in a comment box and for more information related to it stay tuned with THE SCUTTLE PAPER, respectively.

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