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Alex Pina The Creator Of The Money Heist Reveals Season 5 Is Now Under Production!!!

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Money Heist the Spanish drama show also known as La Casa De Papel was one of the most loved shows on Netflix. The show was praised not only in Spain but around the corners of the world. The show gained lots of fans following from the world form day one of its releases.

The show was debuted on 2nd May 2017 on the giant streaming network Netflix. The series showcases different kinds of robberies. The first two seasons we have seen the heist took place in the Royal Mint and another in the Bank Of Spain. The more the fans see the series more and more they get excited to know what is going to come from the Professor’s mind(Alvaro Morte).

The show already has its four massive hit seasons and fans are demanding for more. You will get to know everything here:-

Is there any hint of the production of season 5?

As there was much news that season 5 was coming but there was no official confirmation on it. But now there is an official confirmation from the maker of the show Alex Pina. On 9th July in an Instagram post, Alex Pina shared a photo of him working on his laptop with his cute dog aside.

In the photo, we can clearly see him wearing a T-shirt with the name Tokyo the capital city of Japan, and also the name of the lead character of the series. In this photo, we can also see him working in the office of Vancouver Media. Alex Pina also has seen commenting on the t-shirt he wearing he said that this t-shirt is not the one which gave Tokyo its name.

What Alex is doing on his laptop?

Well, that is a mystery for sure maybe he is working on the development of season 5, or maybe he is writing the script of one of the episodes. You will get to know everything else as soon as there is any news or update. Therefore stay tuned with The Scuttle Paper.

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