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Aggretsuko Season 3: Netflix Anime Official Trailer Out Details Inside!!!

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To begin with, the anime show, Aggretsuko’s official trailer has been out. The show was renewed for the third time and will return in the year 2020.

Aggretsuko (also known as Aggressive Retsuko) is a Japanese anime show. It is a musical comedy show. The anime show is based on the eponymous character. That is created by “Yeti”. Besides, the characters of the show debuted by an anime show, by Fanworks. And aires from the year April 2016 to March 2018, on TBS Television. (Tokyo Broadcasting System). However, it was later adapted by Netflix. And the first season was premiered on the giant in the year 2018. Followed by Season: 2 the next year, in June 2019. Moreover, in August 2019, the anime show was later renewed for the third time.

Aggretsuko: You're going to fall in love with Netflix's adaptation ...
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When will Aggretsuko’s Season: 3 return on Netflix?

The upcoming season of Aggretsuko is scheduled to release on August 27, 2020. The show will air from August 27 on the giant streaming platform, Netflix.

Besides, the upcoming season is expected the same patter from the previous seasons. Aggretsuko Season: 3 is expected to have a total of 10 episodes in it. With the running time of 15 minutes each.

Is there a trailer of Aggretsuko Season: 3 released?

An official trailer is already dropped by Netflix.

Check out the trailer below-

What is the show ‘Aggretsuko’ about?

To begin with, the story is about a red panda, named Retsuko. She is a 25-years-old single Red Panda doing a tedious job. She works as an accountant in the department of a Japanese trading firm. During her day to day life, she faces constant frustration from her seniors and her annoying co-workers. After a couple of years, her life changes in a very unexpected way. As her actions lead to a very unexpected result.

The entire story of the show revolves around Retsuko​. And about how she lives and manages, all the struggles she faces. Besides, the show also focuses on major issues, including the fact of being a corporate slave, etc.

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