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After The JK Rowling Tweet On Anti-Trans Harry Potter Star Daniel Responds To Her But What?

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Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe responds to JK Rowling’s controversial tweet on anti-trans. Daniel said cleary that when we talking about women’s and he believes that “Transgender women are also women”, he posted to the website of the Trevor Project as well.

Although, we all know that on June 6 the author of Harry Potter JK Rowling shared a tweet about the gender specification invalidates biological sex and after that, she criticizes by LGBTQ stars and this creates many more controversies on the social media. After this matter now Daniel’s response to her tweet turns this situation more controversial in Hollywood.

According to Daniel’s statement, “78% of transgender youth have reported that they face worst to worst situations in their life related to their gender and they’ve been always discriminated by the people against due to their gender recognition”. Daniel said that we are human beings and as humans, we need to support those people who face this situation and always discriminated by society for their inability.

JK Rowling Tweet Makes Their Fans Upset And Daniel Say Sorry To Them!!

Therefore, Rowling’s comment makes their fans disappointed and they said she had damaged, perhaps irremediable, and won’t like her anymore and they are upset why they love her stories.  And after that Daniel said, “to all those who now feel that their experiences with books have faded or diminished, I am sorry that these comments have hurt them”.

Daniel Request To Fans Of Harry Potter!!

Daniel really hopes that you do not completely lose what was valuable in these stories. If these books teach you that love is the most powerful force in the universe, capable of doing anything; if you have been taught that force, you will find diversity and opinion. The dogma of purity leads to the oppression of vulnerable groups.

He said that if you believe that a particular character is genderqueer, trans, or bisexual if you find anything in these stories that resonates with you and helps you at any point in your life, it is between you and the book you read, and it is sacred. opinion, no one can touch it. What this means to you and he hopes these comments are not too much.

At last his statement Daniel clear that Rowling was undoubtedly responsible for his career but he felt he had to speak out on that matter so he did. However, these controversies make people curious and of course create squabble situations among the stars, respectively.

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