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After The First Season Zoe Kravitz Calls Out Hulu To Cancel High Fidelity!!

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Hulu canceled the show’s High Fidelity and the day after its cancellation, star Zoe Kravitz called the streaming service for not making the show with assortment. On Thursday Zoe took her Instagram to address their fans and in her post, she posted the behind scenes of the show with her co-stars after the cancellation news of the series.

Though her statement helps us to find out how sad she was when she writing the caption on her post. In an Instagram caption, she wrote she wanna give a shout out to her High Fidelity family. And after that she thanks all their fans for all who watched, loved and supported us and after that she thanks the family of High Fidelity and at last she wrote hashtag breakupssuck.

About High Fidelity!!

As well we know that High Fidelity was based on the 1995 book from Nick Hornby it is the modern reimagining of the 2000 film which stars John Cusack, with Zoe. This is the pathetic and funny romantic comedy about the show owner, Kravitz who is charming but unlucky in life and love. However, On August 5th High Fidelity was canceled after the week of the announcement of the Primetime Emmy nominations. So, High Fidelity didn’t earn any incline. This show is debuted on Valentine’s day and after that, it received four Black Reel Award nominations this year, respectively.

Zoë Kravitz Calls Out Hulu for After 'High Fidelity' Cancellation ...
Sources: Variety.com

Other details about it?

Therefore after Zoe post many actors who are the parts of the show like, Tessa Thompson, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and others, commented on her post and they express their feelings with the show and sharing the condolences that the show will not continue on Hulu.

And after the comment of Tessa, in response, Zoe replied to her and said the streaming service “Hulu has a bevy of other shows where we can see that there are women of color Hey, wait”. After that the screenwriter of the show also supports Kravitz. Well, for more details about your favorite shows and films stay connected with us and leave your suggestions in a comment box, respectively.

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